Posted by: dietingnow | May 6, 2008

One Complaint with FRS Healthy Energy Drink Free Trial

Earlier this year my boyfriend and I found a healthy new energy drink called FRS Healthy Energy. It was a healthy drink, so that was cool, but best of all, they offered a free trial.

That was all well and good. I mean I got the free trial and it the stuff tasted good and it even gave me energy. I didn’t build up my muscles or lose 20 pounds of fat, but it was pretty good. But I had one minor complaint…

When you sign-up for the FRS free trial, you also get enrolled in what’s called an “autoship” which means they automatically ship out FRS products to you each month.

Sure, it’s good stuff, but it’s pretty expensive.

But I guess that’s how it goes with all of those “free” trials. They’re free if you call and cancel before the trial period ends. But the real complaint with FRS is that if you call to cancel, they’ll try to talk you out of it.

I guess it’s not as bad as trying to cancel phone service or something like that where the service is beyond terrible (don’t get me started on phone company complaints…) but I kind of wish there was no catch.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

P.S. I’m not complaining about FRS, because if you look at the terms it clearly states everything you need to know about getting the free trial and what you are signing up for and even the phone number to cancel.  It’s right there.  I’m just saying, some people won’t notice it, so this is more of a warning than a complaint.



  1. Yes that happened to me. I thought I would get the free trial and a follow up letter. I received the package and 2 days later there was a charge on my account. They said a 14 day trial, but I have not even had a chance to open the box, let lone try it for 14 days. I just eating the candy on Monday and was thinking about starting this weekend. I am partly to blame, however when I saw lance armstrong picture, it never occurred to me this is the way he would endorse the way a product is marketed. I am usually very cautious about this and would calendar the date to call the company if I wanted to cancel, but like I said I did not read this on the site … just assumed there would be paper work that came with the product.

    Thanks for having this site. Just need to be extra careful to read the conditions before I order.

  2. You’re way to kind on this exploitive, manipulative, devious marketing of an overpriced, overhyped product (there’s no evidence connecting quercetin with increased energy, only antioxidant activity–moreover, the primary ingredients are sugar, hi fructose corn syrup, sucralose, caffeine, ginseng, the usual). But the unconscionable part is the “gotcha” treatment of the consumer, who is purchasing primarily a “free offer” endorsement by Lance Armstrong. Mention of prices and terms is carefully concealed in a submenu way down in the fine print. The product comes without any explanations about use, without prices re: postage even. Only when the consumer receives a 2nd box along with notice of a charge of $60+ is he likely to discover that he needed to “cancel” membership within 2 weeks and that he’s exposed himself to this charge for life. It’s the worst scam I’ve seen on the internet, an apparently generous, good-faith offer that turns out to be a raping of the unwary consumer. Armstrong, of course, owns a piece of the company. We can only hope Yahoo, Amazon and other sites soon realize how damaging this sort of merchandising can be to their reputable businesses.

  3. Thank You for writing, although I really did expect as much as you described,,, I wish there was an energy panacea(probably spirolina or brewer’s yeast((but I’m too undisciplined to measure improvement)) ). I really do believe the “hard sell” you describe is proof they are not worthy of my consumership,,,,,. Thank You.

  4. I received a very expensive package (unexpected) from them. I was furious, though I half expected it. The products are TOO expensive and quercetin is cheap if you purchase supplements and take them, so this is an extremely expensive alternative with Lance Armstrong’s face on it. I tried to contact them, but their contact page is offline. These products are going back. Shame on Lance.

  5. I entered my personal information to receive the Lance Armstrong energy drugs for free.

    At the very end there came the credit card numbers for my “free” drugs.

    Guess what my answer to that is.

  6. I am going to take frs court for this scam and a law suit for 2.5 million dollars.

  7. Thanks for writing about FRS. I would have to agree that I’d rather see the price upfront and pay than choose something free and then be charged for autoship later.

  8. One ought to expect pressure in sales.

    “But the real complaint with FRS is that if you call to cancel, they’ll try to talk you out of it.”

    Wouldn’t they be a poor sales company if they didn’t put any effort in selling their product? Just seems part of business to ask the customer one last time why they’re canceling even if their answer is, “I just wanted free juice and didn’t ever intend to continue purchasing the product.” Now if they quarrel with the customer, that’s a different story.

    Thanks for sharing your experience :). I’m considering trying the FRS sample as well.

  9. I only wish I had done my home work on this product. I usually do but I was sucked in by Lance Armstrongs endorsement, Thanks Lance! The product causes me to have asthma attacks during my work outs and I’m totally sucking air in between sets, which I did not do before. Also when I’m done working out I feel light headed. I do not recommend this product to anybody. I was already taking Quercertain before taking this product and I can go back to taking it all by itself again. As far as the b vitamins I can buy them in a muti b complex pill form. Did I mention that I am caffeine sensitive. The rep didn’t mention any thing about caffeine. Once again my fault for not doing my usual home work. Ohh and Lance I will never buy any product you endorse ever again, NEVER!

  10. I was ready to order, but no way now. I’m really disappointed in Lance Armstrong, but grateful for this site and insightful consumers who continue to keep me from making mistakes re: online ordering.

    I think it’s great that consumers are gradually uniting to end scams. Thanks to all for your comments–very, very helpful.

  11. Please do NOT sent any unordered product to me.
    hank you!

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