Posted by: dietingnow | May 23, 2010

Blood Oranges’ Nutritional Value

Blood oranges are emerging as one of the healthiest and tastiest fruits across the globe. Stores are starting to pack these balsamic beauties into their warehouses because they are so damn good. For diet and nutrition purposes, this mouth-watering fruit is actually a very low calorie food.

Feast upon as many of these beautiful oranges as you wish, it is a good thing. Rarely does this kind of orange reach the 80 calorie mark. An original variety of these scarlet beauties, the tarocco, will on some occasions, have more calories than usual.

Two of these fruits are more than enough to give you all the Vitamin C you could ever want in a day, according to experts. This super Vitamin C advantage combined with the fact that these oranges have such a tiny amount of calories, this truly is THE diet fruit. This fruit is not merely tasty, it has great health benefits that we are just discovering.

Many meals can be cooked with this orange. Remember that it’s quite easy to peel this red fruit as the skin is very smooth. The red color of these scarlet delicacies makes meals so visually appealing that it always gets everyone talking.

The dreamy blood orange will help you drop that weight. Inside blood oranges there is something called anthocyanins… these are antioxidants that help heal the body and studies show that they are useful against cancer and diabetes, among other things.

Don’t wait another moment, grab one of these tasty fruits!

By Tiago Marcelo

Do you enjoy the Blood Orange?

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